NFI Red Crab Council Remains Committed to Improving Chinese Crab Fishery

Despite challenging environment, large scale project in China will continue

March 17, 2020 Washington, DC – The National Fisheries Institute’s Red Crab Council will continue to fund and support its Fisheries Improvement Project (FIP) in China. The comprehensive FIP is focused on improving crab production in Fujian Province, the leading harvesting region in China for red crab.

“For so many reasons the operating climate around red crab, from a trade perspective, is challenging these days,” said Newport International President Anjan Tharakan, the NFI Red Crab Council Chair. “It would be easy to see why companies might say they don’t want to participate in this work right now. But not one company did. This is a committed group.”

The Council’s project partner on the ground in China is Ocean Outcomes (O2), who coordinates with fishery stakeholders, government interests and the China Aquatic Products Processing and Marketing Alliance to keep the FIP moving in the right direction.

Dongshan Stakeholder Workshop 2016 Stakeholder workshop in Dongshan, Fujian Province in 2016.

The NFI Red Crab Council funds the work by assessing a fee on each of its members based on the number of pounds they import each quarter. The founding members of the NFI Red Crab Council include Asian Pacific Seafood, Bumble Bee Seafoods, Carrington Foods, Chicken of the Sea Frozen Foods, Newport International, Stavis Seafoods, Supreme Crab & Seafood and Twin Tails Seafood Corporation.

“Like most FIPs, this project has its challenges on the water, but when your primary source of funding off the water is directly dependent on trade volume, and tariffs enter the picture, that makes things even more challenging,” said O2 Founder and Senior Advisor Rich Lincoln. “To be able to continue the work in China with local fishery stakeholders will allow us to build on the momentum we’ve generated and ensure this important FIP remains on track.”

The status of the Fujian Red Crab FIP is updated biannually on Its 2019 work focused on implementation of catch, biological and effort data collection, harvest strategy evaluation, and lost fishing gear assessment.

The NFI Red Crab Council is the leading precompetitive collaboration effort focused solely on the sustainability of Red Swimming Crab. The Council is committed to collaborating on Red Crab Fisheries Improvement Projects globally.

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