Where We Work


In addition to accounting for ⅓ of the world’s seafood production, China as a country consumes more seafood than the next 10 countries combined. Given this, a dedicated strategy and effort to ensure sustainable Chinese fisheries and aquaculture is paramount to our ability to conserve ocean resources and healthy seafood supply chains.

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Latin America

Despite possessing some of the most productive marine ecosystems on earth, which support millions of fishers, disproportionately few sustainable seafood certifications and fishery improvement initiatives have focused on understanding the challenges and needs of Latin American small-scale fisheries. We are working to change this.

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Northeast Asia

We have always had a specific focus on Northeast Asia and a unique capacity and ability to accomplish work on the ground in the region. Our work across Northeast Asia includes seeding the sustainable fisheries movement in China, Japan, South Korea and Russia through a variety of partnerships, programs and projects, both past and current.

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