National Geographic Lead and Professor of Marine Science Join O2 Board

We are extremely pleased to announce that Gael Almeida of National Geographic Society and Dr. Yong Chen of Stony Brook University have joined the Ocean Outcomes Board of Directors.

Their additions expand our ability to deliver our science-based fisheries sustainability outcomes in Northeast Asia and develop and implement community-based fishery improvement initiatives across Latin America.

Gael has more than 20 years of experience working in Latin American conservation. As the Regional Lead for Latin America at National Geographic Society, her work includes seeking new projects; supporting Latin American researchers, conservationists, educators, and storytellers who receive funding; and triggering collaborations among the network of Explorers and partners to create long-term changes in the region. Her experience supporting sustainable fisheries efforts in Mexico brings first hand knowledge and insights about small scale fishery communities and their needs in a key O2 focal geography.

“Listening to — and working with — local communities, and especially with women, is how we will collectively be able to ensure a future with sustainable fisheries.” — Gael Almeida

Yong is a leading fisheries scientist, and a professor of marine science at Stony Brook University and adjunct professor at Shanghai Ocean University and Ocean University of China. In addition to his world class stock assessment expertise, vast record of peer reviewed publications and science based sustainable fisheries management co-design, Yong and his team facilitate the Marine Fisheries Partnership, an international fisheries policy and management exchange collaboration, and co-convene the Lenfest supported International Crustacean Fisheries Task Force using case study learning to advance crustacean fisheries research and management. Both initiatives instrumentally support advancement of sustainable fisheries approaches in China and other parts of Asia.

“Linking scientific knowledge and international, collaborative initiatives with on the ground capacity and projects is our best path forward for moving fisheries towards sustainability.” — Dr. Yong Chen

Their additions to our Board are particularly well-timed as we scale up our work in Latin America and Northeast Asia.

In Latin America we are increasing the number of triple impact fisheries improvement projects addressing socioeconomic and environmental needs, such as those in Mexico and Costa Rica. Working closely with partners, such as Conservation International, and local fishing communities, our triple impact projects are making fishery improvement more effective and relevant for small scale and domestically traded fisheries.

In China, working closely with our strategic partner Tao Ran, we continue to use our on the ground fishery improvement work, such as in our Fujian Zhangzhou Red Swimming Crab FIP, to demonstrate practical sustainable fisheries practices that provide important connection to ‘top down’ policy reform supported by international fishery science and management exchange.

Welcome, Gael and Yong! We are thrilled to have you join our Board and help us take this — and other — work forward.

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