Our Work

We work with all stakeholders to uncover, design and implement science-based, context relevant initiatives to drive sustainability across seafood supply chains. This approach produces environmental and socio-economic outcomes for both people and the planet. Whether you are leading a fisheries project, buying seafood, investing in fisheries reform, or part of an initiative or NGO in the seafood sector, let us help deliver the impact you seek.

If you’re working in sustainable seafood, we can help you deliver on your goals.

Our ever-expanding portfolio of environmental, social and economic fisheries sustainability work spans the globe. We have developed salmon escapement management strategies in Japan; mapped out supply chains of the highest valued seafood species in China; designed and led curricula for tuna harvest strategy workshops in West Africa, Indonesia and Fiji; led anti-poaching initiatives in the Russian Far East; provided fishery risk analysis for seafood business partners across Europe and North America; led dozens of Fishery Improvement Projects across Northeast Asia and Latin America; and accelerated the uptake of electronic monitoring programs on longline tuna vessels in the Pacific Ocean. Key services include:

Capacity Building and Training

Developing and supporting local organizations and business partners in their strategy, growth and implementation is core to our ethos.

  • Workshop planning and facilitation
  • Sustainable seafood trainings
  • Human and labor rights
  • Certification and fishery improvement courses

Environmental, Financial and Social Fishery Assessment

Get a clear and science-backed understanding of the environmental & social & financial status of any fishery, against any of the leading certification standards.

  • Marine Stewardship Council pre-assessments
  • Seafood Watch assessments
  • Social Risk Assessments
  • Environmental, social and financial triple impact assessments

Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs)

As an organization founded on improving commercial fisheries and aquaculture operations, we are experts in the design and implementation of FIPs.

  • FIP development, launch and implementation
  • Stakeholder convening
  • FisheryProgress.org and public reporting
  • FIP auditing
  • Implementation of Human Rights and Social Responsibility (HRSR) Policy

Human Rights Due Diligence

We support companies undertaking meaningful human rights due diligence (HRDD) in their supply chains by providing tailored guidance and on-the-ground implementation of due diligence measures.

  • Development of HRDD programs
  • Human rights risk assessments
  • Corrective action/improvement plans
  • Establish and/or revise policies and procedures to manage risk

Fisheries Management and Policy Analysis

We provide creative and practical advice to a variety of fishery issues and seafood production challenges to optimize sustainability outcomes.

  • Electronic monitoring programs
  • Application of stock identification tools
  • Design of precautionary management measures
  • Development of fishery monitoring plans

Strategic Consultation

Leave the development and implementation of environmental, social and economic fishery sustainability strategies and initiatives to the experts.

  • Sustainable sourcing policies
  • Bycatch reduction strategies
  • Comprehensive risk analysis reports
  • Traceability solutions
  • Certification guidance

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