Seafood and Fisheries Funding Facility

A pioneering impact investment fund

We have established a blended financing mechanism to provide upfront capital to address the improvements needed in overexploited fisheries by securing purchasing commitments from seafood buyers.

By combining funding from multiple sources to support improvements and securing financing from the outset, the funding facility (Facility) ensures economies of scale, consistent standards and continued market access, thus optimizing the success of fisheries improvement initiatives and recovery.

Using our Triple Bottom Line Seafood (TBLS) approach as a risk mitigation tool for fishery selection and investment, the Facility increases the long-term sustainability of fisheries in direct collaboration with the seafood industry.

Facility fund process graphic The Facility investment model becomes self-financing over time. © Ocean Outcomes

The Facility is a pioneering impact investment fund with the overarching objectives of promoting sustainable marine ecosystems and fisheries management by aligning environmental, social and financial incentives. The Facility works with the seafood industry and impact investors to reform sustainable fisheries financing by engaging in the following activities:

  • Provide pre-financing and contract financing to eligible service providers to progress TBLS projects to certified sustainable seafood.
  • Provide financing for small and medium size enterprises (SMEs) in the identified TBL fishery in need of investment to ensure product quality and improve access to markets.
  • Leverage public funding with private capital.
  • Support capacity building efforts amongst sustainable fisheries-oriented SMEs in key geographies.

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