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Our goal is to build value for fisheries that are committed to fishery improvement.


An enormous player in the global seafood market, Russia is one of the world’s top ten producers of wild fish. It is also a vitally important region for the future of sustainable seafood.

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Salmon FIP Partnership

Central to our model of locally led, industry supported improvement projects is the Salmon FIP Partnership, an initiative of leading companies and conservationists committed to sustainable salmon. The group includes Nestlé, Gorton’s, The Fishin’ Company, Albion Fisheries, and High Liner Foods.

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Independent Observers

Our independent observer programs put eyes and ears on the ground to ensure fisheries are fishing legally, complying with applicable legal regulations, verifying seafood from observed fisheries does not include product from IUU fisheries. Independent observers also provide additional data and information on fisheries in the region, vital data which is needed to advance science-based best practices.

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Salmon FIP Tracker

We developed the Salmon FIP Tracker to provide salmon fishery stakeholders with easily accessible information on the sustainability status of global salmon fisheries.

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Perhaps overshadowed by the enormity of Chinese fishing capacity, or Japan’s international reputation as the primary seafood consuming region in Asia, Korea still produces and consumes more seafood than most any country on earth.

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