Areas of Focus

Fishery Improvement Projects (FIP)

Our goal? More sustainable fisheries.

At Ocean Outcomes, we work hand in hand with commercial fisheries to help them become more sustainable.

Our fishery improvement work addresses the full range of major fishery challenges contributing to the global fisheries crisis. These challenges include Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated fishing (IUU), overfishing, depletion of non-target stocks, habitat impacts, and management system issues such as inadequate monitoring. These issues represent serious risks to the sustainability and security of fisheries, food supplies, and human livelihoods.

Fishery Improvement Projects:

Our Fishery Improvement Project Work Includes:

  • Design, launch, and implementation of fishery improvement projects
  • Conduct rapid assessments, pre-assessments, and full assessments
  • Supply chain analysis and mapping
  • Traceability and independent observer programs
  • Buyer partnership facilitation
  • Fishery marketplace engagement strategy development
  • Bycatch reduction programs
  • Fishermen and seafood buyer exchanges
  • Seafood supply chain stakeholder convenings

Many commercial fisheries work at the margins of profitability and have limited capacity on their own to improve the sustainability of their fisheries-- that’s where we come in. Our hands-on partnership approach helps fisheries achieve meaningful improvements and allows all stakeholders to reap the tangible benefits of sustainability.

See the latest news on how we’re teaming up with commercial fishermen, seafood businesses, fishery managers, and community leaders to co-design, implement, and monitor effective on-the-water fishery improvements.