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Do you care as much about sustainable fisheries as we do? Here are a few ways to contribute.

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We’re a small group with big goals working with fisheries across vast geographies and oceans. Connecting with us online helps get our message to more people, gives a voice to the issues commercial fisheries face, and ultimately contributes to an increased demand for sustainable seafood.

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Demand seafood, both fished and farmed, from sources which have minimal impact on the environment and/or are taking steps to become more sustainable. Need some guidance? Here are a few of our favorite places to get more info about sustainable seafood.

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We’re always interested in connecting with folks who are creative, motivated, and passionate about fisheries, sustainable seafood, and ocean health. If you’re interested in volunteering or want to be kept in mind for future job opportunities, please drop us a note explaining your interest in our work! Feel free to include a resume, link to a portfolio, a LinkedIn profile, or whatever else you have to share.