Illegal, Unregulated, and Unreported Fishing (IUU)

IUU In East Asia

East Asian countries like Japan, China, Korea, and Russia’s Far East are major hubs of seafood production, trade, and consumption. Loopholes and IUU hotspots in dominant Asian supply chains allow illegal product to enter the global marketplace, putting legal seafood companies and fisheries in both Asia and the West at risk.

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Catch Tracking System (CTS)

Current traceability and certification programs don’t require proof of legality from point of harvest to processor, creating a loophole at the point of harvest and processing where IUU product can enter seafood supply chains. That’s where the CTS comes in.

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Independent Observers

Our independent observer programs put eyes and ears on the ground to ensure fisheries are fishing legally, complying with applicable legal regulations, verifying seafood from observed fisheries does not include product from IUU fisheries. Independent observers also provide additional data and information on fisheries in the region, vital data which is needed to advance science-based best practices.

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